Treatment Options

There are many effective treatment options and plans for people with Kidney Disease. There is no single option that will be best for everyone, and you may end up using more than one therapy over the course of your life. Your physician and healthcare team will work with you to determine which approach is most suitable for your individual needs.

There are three options for dialysis treatment: HemodialysisPeritoneal Dialysis, and Kidney Transplantation. No matter which of the options you choose, after you begin treatment, you will start to feel better.


During Hemodialysis (HD) your blood is filtered outside your body. HD is performed at either an in-center dialysis unit or at home requiring a support care person. In-center hemodialysis is usually scheduled three times per week, for approximately four hours each visit. You will usually have treatments on a set schedule either in the morning, afternoon or evening. Home hemodialysis is performed three-six days a week for three to five hours each time.

Peritoneal Dialysis

During Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) your blood is cleaned inside your body. PD is performed at home by you. This therapy is expected to be performed every day. You may have a family member or caregiver assist you in this process, but it’s not required. There are two types of PD: one treatment is a manual process, usually performed during the day. It is very flexible, allowing you to adjust treatment times around your own schedule. The other treatment is an automated, slower process that is delivered while you sleep.

Nocturnal Dialysis

Another type of hemodialysis is Nocturnal Dialysis. This treatment is performed three times a week at an in-center dialysis unit during the night. The treatment is performed at a slower rate, lasting six to eight hours. This option is appealing to patients who have other daily obligations.

Determining which treatment will best fit your needs is an important decision. Take time to research your options and discuss them with your family or caregivers. Consider your medical and physical condition, your lifestyle, the distance to a dialysis center and your transportation needs, the physical space for supplies for home therapy, and your personal support system.

When you meet with your Kidney Center of the Rockies doctor and healthcare team, they will take all these factors into consideration to help you select the treatment that is best for your individual needs.